Club Penguin What’s New Blog: July 2016 Updates!

Megg has released a new post on the What’s New Blog regarding this month’s Club Penguin updates.


Hi penguins!
Here in my flippers, I hold my o-FISH-ial list of updates coming this month! I know, I know these puns just need to FINish…
…pause for dramatic effect…
Whale obviously I can’t help myself, so before I get TOO carried away, here are the updates coming this month:
July 6
 * Finding Dory Party
 * Club Penguin Times #552
 * New Penguin Style Catalog
 * New Furniture & Igloo Catalog
 * Igloo music update
 * Next pin hidden
July 20
 * Club Penguin Times #553
 * Next pin hidden
Are you bubbling over with excitement for the Finding Dory party? Let us know in the comments below!
Oh, and I promise I’ll dolphin-itely use less puns in the next post. 😉
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
Click here to view the post on the What’s New Blog.

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