Sneak Peek of the Project Super Secret emojis

As of today being World Emoji Day. Club Penguin has tweeted a sneak peek of the emojis for Project Super Secret, such as Disney Mix and Club Penguin Re-mix (whatever the name’s gonna be called). They’re nothing like the current emotes on Club Penguin, they’re penguin emotes.

UPDATE: Club Penguin has released a new post on the What’s New Blog in regards to the emojis.


Hi penguins,

Did you know that today is World Emoji Day?

And did you also know, that the best part about today is getting to show all of YOU the CP emojis we’re working on?! Well, in my opinion, it’s the best part 😉


What do you think of these new emoji? Are there any other ones you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Fun fact: July 17 was chosen for World Emoji Day because it’s the day that’s shown on the Apple calendar emoji! Pretty cool, right?


The emojis look adorable!!! I would love to see the heart, clover and flower emojis, especially the fart sound emoji.


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