Club Penguin What’s New Blog: Help Megg Find SGT Sparkles!


Megg has released a new post on the What’s New Blog. Your goal is to find SGT Sparkles.


Hi penguin pals,
SGT Sparkles has been running the Club Penguin Team through some spy classes. Here are some cool tips I’ve learnt:
* A fake moustache will make you unrecognizable to anyone.
* When meeting a group of people, start off by saying “So, who has some top secret plans that they’d like to share?”
* Write your spy notes on crackers so you can eat them if you’re caught.
* After introducing yourself to a stranger, assure them that you’re definitely not a spy.
For the latest exercise, SGT Sparkles sent a screenshot that I have to find him in. No problem!
Well, except it is. Where is he!? I’m a blogger, not a spy!
Can anyone find SGT Sparkles? Let’s see who can find him first!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team

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