“October will be cool for you Marvel fans” says Megg


During this week’s Megg Monday. Megg has stated that October will be good for Marvel fans.

Screenshot at Aug 08 18-32-48.png

For those who are anxious, this year’s Halloween Party WON’T be a Marvel Takeover hybrid. She’s referring to the Marvel items in I assume next month’s Penguin Style catalog, so don’t worry.


@TweesTweets has asked Megg on Twitter to like his tweet if there will be new Marvel costumes coming to Club Penguin and of course, Megg liked the tweet.


5 thoughts on ““October will be cool for you Marvel fans” says Megg

  1. hello 1999bloo will there be new marvel costumes inspired by civil war in october and most likely will those marvel costumes be for members or for everyone ? what costume would you like to see


  2. i am so much mad because they were cancelled because the first time the marvel costumes came i was okay second time i was perfect and now they were cancelled megg should listen to us well she actually is but she should not cancel the marvel costumes


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