Spike Hike is withdrawing Club Penguin after nearly 4 years


After 4 memorable years of taking over Lane Merrifield’s (known as Billybob on Club Penguin) place of being the owner of Club Penguin. Chris Heatherly (known as Spike Hike on Club Penguin) has decided to depart from the Club Penguin and Disney industry. Before he says goodbye, he will be hosting a meet-up on Club Penguin TODAY, the 8th September. Not to mention, he also got a hand of another sneak peek of Project Super Secret. The sneak peek appears to be the same room Surge unveiled last week. Here’s Spike Hike’s final What’s New Blog post:


Hey penguins,

The time has come for me to waddle on to my next adventure – and so I will be leaving Disney.

Getting to spend time with you all in Club Penguin has been one of the true joys of my life, and it has been for my family too, as all three of my kids have grown up with you in the Penguin community. I want to thank you all for so many special memories and especially thank the Penguin team for all their hard work and amazing creativity over the years!!

I couldn’t make this move if I didn’t feel you were in good hands and I have to say, the best is yet to come! Project: Super Secret looks amazing and should be ready for you to beta test in the next few months.

As proof, the team has given me one more sneak peek to share and here it is:

Of course, I couldn’t say goodbye without one more party and so Spike Hike will make a special farewell appearance tomorrow, Sept. 8 at 3:30pm Penguin Standard Time on the server Fog. If I don’t get the chance to see you Sept. 8, I’ll definitely be back for special events like the launch of Project: Super Secret and anniversaries!!

YOU are what makes Club Penguin so special! Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Waddle On,

-Spike Hike


Thank you so much Spike Hike for being truly an outstanding manager of Club Penguin. It’s heartbreaking that you’re leaving after 4 unforgettable years. Good luck to your future :’)


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