Club Penguin What’s New Blog: Megg Monday: September 12, 2016

Club Penguin has announced this week’s Megg Monday on the What’s New Blog. Here is the notice Megg posted:

Hi penguins,
Hope those of you who are going back to school this September are enjoying your classes so far! 
For this Monday’s meet-up, we’ll be going on an igloo tour 😀
The tour will begin at my igloo; then it will carry on to 4 more igloos from there. Here’s the tour itinerary:
Start time:

 * 9:30 am Penguin Standard Time


 * Hockey


 * 9:30 – 9:35 am: Megg’s igloo

 * 9:35 – 9:40 am: Featured Igloo 1
 * 9:45 – 9:50 am: Featured Igloo 2

 * 9:50 – 9:55 am: Featured Igloo 3

 * 9:55 – 10:00 am: Featured igloo 4
I’ll update this post at 9:20 am with the penguins whose igloos we’ll be visiting. If you’d like your igloo featured on the tour, leave a comment below describing how you’ve decorated it! And don’t worry if yours doesn’t get featured during this meet-up, we’ll be doing this again next week too 🙂

Waddle on, 

-Club Penguin Team


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