Project Super Secret — The First Penguin Artists


Megg has unleashed a new Project Super Secret sneak peek on the What’s New Blog. The sneak peek concerns an ancient peculiar artwork.

Hi penguins,

Some mysterious art has been uncovered! If I had to guess how old, I’d say VERY VERY VERY old.

It seems these penguins documented some kind of journey. I have so many questions I’d like to ask them.
Were they the first penguins to cross the sea? What were they looking for? And what kind of pizza was popular back then?
Come to think of it, is that a slice of pizza they’re gathered around? Hmm… It looks familiar. OH! I beta know what it is! I’ll let you guys figure it out. 😉

Any thoughts about who these penguins were and where they came from? Let us know in the comments.
-Club Penguin Team
Interesting! I just noticed that the first image file is called “PSST_ThisIsTheLastPSSSneakPeek_HYPE_Header.jpg”. Does that mean the Project Super Secret beta is out SOON?

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