Things to Do at the Halloween Party


Megg has released a new Things to Do post on Club Penguin’s What’s New Blog. The post is about what to do at the 2016 Halloween Party.

Hi penguins,

Or should I say, “BOO!” I’m so into Halloween this year that I’m practically a WereMegg (which is a Megg that turns into a werewolf, of course). Let me howl off some awesome activities to try out this year’s Halloween party:

  • Sweet seeker: There are sweets scattered around the island! What a delicious hunt.
  • Monster Maker 3000: Members can turn into monsters! Just remember, all vampires should wear gallons of sunscreen lotion.
  • Slime swimming: Ooze is great for your skin. Get slimed at the Cove!
  • Pumpkin races: Have a group of penguins wear Penguin o’ Lanterns and race around the island. Why? Because seeing a pumpkin patch waddle around is HILARIOUS.
  • Ghost stories: The atmosphere in the attic is perfect for telling ghost stories. You might want to bring a puffle to hold onto.
  • Trick or treat: How could I forget this! Go door to door OR be the one greeting the ghouls and ghosts.

ARRROOOOOooooo! Uh oh, looks like my claws are coming out. Time to go bark at the moon!

Howl on,

-Club Penguin Team

What’s your favourite thing to do at the Halloween Party?


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