Penguin of the Week — King89698

Club Penguin has announced the most emotional and heart-rending Penguin of the Week in history. This week it goes to King89698, who tragically passed away on the 19th October this year. This legend will ALWAYS live in our community’s hearts for eternity ❤

Hi, penguins!

King89698 was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by, Flame Cm, X Man 16, Nice Pie 1, Cocoi25, Nina1059, Friendjad, Zach Powers, Pinguu32, Laval 126, Tudo150, Paulina308, Shimmer71955, Nicoray, Jdan1001, Pingu15cool, Penny2415,Batman1115, Zoom Zoom103, Daisydoo14, Madzom8ie, Lunarley, Djspinner13, Tripplem & Yellow35166!

Here are their nominations:

  • “Hey Megg, I would like to nominate King89698 Because He recently passed away and he was really a good friends so all of us in the CP Community wanted King89698 to be POTW and it would be really nice of you guys doing this to King89698 and he will always be remembered. Waddle On!”
  • “Congratulations Citababy! I would Like to nominate King89698 because he is such a nice penguin and he was probably one of the best penguins of all time. he is loved by most of the community and I might not have known him that well but he is such an amazing friend for those who do. :)”
  • “Congrats,Citababy! I want to nominate King89698 for Penguin Of the Week. He is Kind,caring and always go the extra mile to help others in distress. He is also funny and tells silly jokes. Recently he has left this world but his account has been passed down to someone else. I think he deserves it.”
  • “I would like to nominate King89698 for penguin of the week. Recently he has passed away in real life. He was a great friend and the community loved him. We will miss you king :)”
  • ” would like to nominate a friend of the CP community, King89698, who had recently passed away. I didn’t know him much, but he was pretty cool. King was someone you could always talk too. A lot of penguins now dearly miss him. It would be great if his penguin was POTW, as that’s who he was to us.”
  • “Hey Megg, please approve this comment. I would like to nominate King89698 because he is a very friendly person who recently passed away. He used to interact with people, make them happy and more. We all miss him and I hope he becomes POTW. Please MEGG MAKE HIM POTW. Please approve this :)”
  • “EVERYONE!!!!!!! VOTE king89698 for penguin of the week he was a nice penguin that was friends with everyone, king should be POTW all though hes in heaven forever”
  • “I will like to nominate King89698 for POTW. He is no longer with us but he is in a better place. King was my best friend and he was always friendly and happy never started a fight with no one sadly he had to go. Even though he’s gone now I want to nominate King89698 for POTW!”
  • “I would like to see King89698 as Penguin of the Week. King sadly passed away recently, and from the few conversations I had with him, he was a great person. I feel he deserves this awards as he was devoted to this game and unfortunately couldn’t live that devotion as long as we can.”
  • “Hi Megg, i would like to nominate King89698 for POTW, he was a member of the CP community, a great friend, caring and friendly who sadly passed away due to a surgery complication. We hope he gets recognized for his past. “
  • “Congrats Citababy? Megg, I would like to nominate King89698 who recently passes away tragically. He was a cheerful and friendly soul who will be remembered by all. It would be an amazing tribute to him if he won, despite the place he is in now :)”
  • “Hey guys! I wish with all my heart that King89698 becomes Penguin of the Week! He tragically passed away, and left the community. I had only known King for 6 months, but the time i spent with him? it was worth it. At least, do this for his BFF Pingu15cool, who deserves to see him win POTW the most!”
  • “Please pick, King89698 for POTW. I know there’s been tons of nominations for him. He was a very sweet, kind and hilarious penguin to be friends with. He always was super caring to everyone. As the message sounds, he did pass away recently. It’s very upsetting, I think this would make us feel happy!”
  • “I’d like to nominate a very special penguin for Penguin of the Week. King89698 was a penguin that loved and cared for the community. He was a friend to all, and a joy to talk with. He was tragically taken up to a better place this week. Rest in peace, King, we love you.”
  • “I would like to nominate my best friend King89698 for penguin of the week. King has recently died in real life and he deserves to be honoured. He was a great friend to many and was always friendly towards everyone. He was a true friend. The Kingus Forever :D”
  • “Hey! I’m sure you heard this plenty of times but, your about to hear it again. I would like to nominate King89698 for POTW he truly deserves it for being such a nice and funny person to everybody. He is passed now but he still truly deserves it. I hope you choose him.”
  • “In light of the recent news, I shall be nominating King89698 for POTW.#RIPKing89698Cp”
  • “I would like to nominate King89698 for Penguin of the Week. He has recently passed on and many of us in the community feel it would be very respectful if he would Penguin of the Week. Please take this into much consideration and do the right thing.”
  • “Congratulations! I’d like to nominate King89698 for POTW. He and I were never very close, but he has unfortunately passed away recently, and I’d love for him to win the award as an honor. He had some really good friends in this community, and seemed really friendly! Waddle on, Daisy”
  • “I would be honored to nominate King89698 for POTW. He was such an amazing member of this community and sadly passed away recently. He would always be at meet ups and just there for friends and definietly deserves this award. :)”
  • “Hi Megg, I’d like to nominate an amazing person called King89698 for POTW. He was a great and much loved member of the community, and was also such a funny and kind guy. Unfortunately, he passed away just recently. However, he still deserves POTW! R.I.P King, you’ll forever be in our hearts <3”
  • “Hi Megg. I’m nominating King89698 for POTW. Recently, he tragically passed away and I think he’d love this award more than anything. We all miss him. He’s such an amazing, talented guy. He was so loving. He deserves this award more than anyone. Please please PLEASE make him POTW! Waddle on.”
  • “Hi Megg, I would like to nominate King89698 for POTW. He was a kind hearted member of the CP community who tragically passed away recently. He was an awesome guy and I hope he will be recognised for all his past contributions. Please make him POTW :)”
  • “Congrats Citababy! I would like to nominate King89698 for POTW because he was such a great penguin, and a great community member. He has played Club Penguin for a long time, and since I met him, he was a great friend. He has left Earth sadly, but he still deserves POTW!”



Our heartfelt condolences go out to all friends and family of King89698. Our community will surely miss the presence of a truly amazing penguin.

Want to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment telling us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives 10,000 coins and the POTW Background.

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

I’m still shocked and confused to see that King has departed. Me and everyone’s condolences go out to our beloved King89698 ❤


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