Our Top Must Do Activities for This Year’s Music Jam


Club Penguin has released a new post on their blog. The post concerns what to do at the Music Jam. Here’s what Megg wrote.

Hi penguins,

The jam is on! Here are some awesome things you can try out:

  • Grab a surfboard and jam out on the waves. It’s taking rock to the extreme!
  • Start a penguin dance line at Casa Fiesta. I’ve seen one 17 penguins long!
  • Check out DJ Cadence and The Penguin Band because OF COURSE! This is what Music Jam’s all about.
  • Have a conversation with Klutzy. Okay, okay, so he’s not much of a talker. More of a clicker.
  • Check out the new beats being dropped at the Dance Club. There’s a steady stream of the best DJs.
  • Toot band? Gross, maybe not…

What are you planning to do this Music Jam? We’d love to hear it in the comments below!

-Club Penguin Team


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