(SPOILER ALERT) January Party will be the CLUB PENGUIN ISLAND PARTY on Club Penguin w/ sneak peeks


The January Party has been untold until now. During episode 4 of Island Insider, Megg has confirmed that the January Party for the web version of Club Penguin will be associated with the new 3D rebooted mobile game, Club Penguin Island. Not only that, she also dropped some sneak peeks of what the party looks like. I do apologise that the quality looks slightly poor since it wouldn’t allow me to adjust it to 1080p. Anyway, the first sneak peek concerns Aunt Arctic telling players about the new game.

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 22.47.22.png
Aunt Arctic here. I need reporters to get the scoop on “Club Penguin Island”. Report what you find at the info booths around the island.

The second sneak peek shows a dialog where you can obtain a jacket from the new game, where it tells you the number of how many years you’ve been on Club Penguin or Club Penguin Island.

Club Penguin Island is a place for adventure, friends, fashion, and stinky cheese. Penguin new and old work to make it a welcoming, wonderful community.

The third sneak peek is the party’s interface. This is where you can obtain items, even though they’re not transferring to the new game.


The rest of the sneak peeks is just some decorated rooms. This is the Dock.


Ski Village.






I’m really delighted that Club Penguin is having a party to advertise their new rebooted game. Are you excited for the Club Penguin Island Party? Vote in the poll below.


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