ANNOUNCEMENT: Club Penguin Island Worldwide Launch Date


The Club Penguin Island worldwide launch wait is nearly coming to a conclusion. On the What’s New Blog, Megg has announced that the new game will be available to download worldwide via the iOS App Store and Google Play in March 2017. Not only that, she also made a video featuring feedback from the geo-beta testers.

There’s no time for pleasantries in this post, folks, because if you haven’t noticed… I’VE GOT BIG NEWS!

We’ve had so many penguins asking our team when they’ll be able to download Club Penguin Island. And we’ve really appreciated our community’s patience while we fine-tuned the app and got all of our rubber duckies in a row. (Huge thanks to Rookie for letting us borrow his Rubber Ducky collection)

That’s why we’re excited to tell all of you first that penguins can download Club Penguin Island* on iOS and Android mobile devices starting March 2017!!!

There’s still lots to do before we release worldwide and we’ll do our best to keep all of you updated as we get closer to the release. Until then, we’ve put together a video featuring some of the feedback we’ve received from our geo-beta testers, check it out:


If you haven’t pre-registered your penguin yet, you have until February 16, 2017, to receive special rewards when you log in for the first time. You can pre-register HERE.

Got a question? Post it in the comments below! We’ll answer some of the top questions in our next Island Insider video.

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

*In select languages and territories.

ABSOLUTELY HYPED FOR THIS MASTERPIECE!!!!! Hopefully, it’ll boost the app stores for a long time.



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