Penguin of the Week: Lovebacon56

A new Penguin of the Week has been announced on the What’s New Blog. This week it goes to Lovebacon56. Here’s what Megg wrote.

Hi, penguins!

Lovebacon56 was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by, FamousskaterAudrey1234624flippersLexi3195Frostine 123Frost130Macy LizardCoco4coco4Wheezy413, and Dj Stores!

Here are their nominations:

“hi megg, I would like to nominate lovebacon56 she is a super awesome friend. She is so kind and nice and super sweet and well I better stop myself this could go on forever. Point is she is so awesome and she really deserves the title Penguin of the Week.”

“I would like to nominate……. Lovebacon56! She is as caring as caring can get! She is up there with my good friends and is super nice to everyone she meets! 😀 I love her unique igloo and love to visit her! Please have Lovebacon win POTW! Waddle on! :D”

“Hi megg! I would love to nominate lovebacon56 because she is always there for me and she is as caring as well……..whatever caring is meant to be! Whenever I go onto CP I always look out for lovebacon56! SHE DESERVES POTW!!! Waddle on! –24flippers! :)”

“I would like to nominate Lovebacon56 for having the most HILARIOUSLY AWESOME sense of humor ever! She’s the sweetest, kindest person you’ll EVER know, she always puts others before herself and helps out even when it’s inconvenient. She deserves to be recognized for her social talent! -Lexi3195”

“Congrats Merida! I’d like to nominate Lovebacon56 she’s the sweetest, funniest, and most generous person I’ve ever met! She really deserves POTW and I really hope she gets it!”

“Hi Megg! i want to nominate Lovebacon56 for POTW! she is the best friend anyone could have! iv’e known her for a couple years now! she has such a warm heart towards others! even when your heart is cold as ice she’ll break right through it! PLEASE NOMINATE HER FOR POTW! #Lovebacon56 for POTW. Part 2: I love that Lovebacon56 has such heart towards others! she is the sweetest girl I’ve ever met in my life! she is such a goofball LIKE ME! she is always going to be my friend even when we’re mad at each other! MEGG PLEASE NOMINATE LOVEBACON56 FOR POTW/ Waddle on”

“Hei penguins! This week, I would like to nominate LoveBacon56 for POTW. Why u ask!? Well here’s why! When I’m sad, she’s there for me, when I’m happy, she’s is happy with me and when I’m alone, she sits alone with me! Plz make her POTW Megg! Be Happy :)”

“HELLO CP! I would love to nominate by best friend Lovebacon56 because she is so kind and sweet! She totally deserves this so much and she is my best friend in real life and she is kind to me when I feel down. She has wanted to be POTW. WADDLE ON!”

“Hey megg me again, and guess who I am nominating.That right Lovebacon56 she is probably one of the nicest penguins on the game that I have ever meet and she deserves this and plus I am pretty sure that she has been nice to like everyone she meets lol. Vote Lovebacon56 for POTW!”

“This week for Penguin of the Week, I would like to deliver a very merry nomination to Lovebacon56, one of my new friends on the island. She is super friendly, a total boss at Mancala and is genuinely a kind, caring resident of our snowy world. Also, she has pre-registered for Club Penguin Island. ;)”



Congrats, Lovebacon56!

Want to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment telling us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives 10,000 coins and the POTW Background.

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



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