Island Insider Episode 6


Club Penguin has uploaded it’s Valentine’s Day edition of Island Insider, also known as Episode 6. Not only that, Megg has dropped a sneak peek of the forthcoming Club Penguin Island blog. Which will certainly replace Club Penguin’s current blog, the What’s New blog.

Hi, penguins, and happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s what you can expect in episode 6 of Island Insider:

  • Mini-game challenge recap
  • Community Shoutouts
  • Club Penguin Island Q&A
  • CPI blog sneak peek


AND, you can download our Club Penguin Island themed Valentine’s Day cards here:

* There’s snow one Like you!

* You make my heart go “Clickity Clack”!

* You got me hooked!

* Sorry if my Valentine is too cheesy!

Do you have a cheesy Valentine’s Day greeting? Share it with us in the comments below!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Great episode! I’m super thrilled for the Club Penguin Island blog launch. 😀



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