Megg Meet-Up: February 24

Hey penguins! Similar to last Friday, Megg has posted the meet-up time for this Friday, February 24th. Here are the details:

Happy Friday-eve, penguins!

I had SO much fun during our last meet-up, anytime our community can come together and complete a task (like tipping an ENTIRE ICEBERG), makes me so happy.


This week, we’ll be celebrating all things EPF, so dust off those spy glasses because we’re going on a mission!

As some of you know, when we visit igloos, it’s easy to get lost from the crowd. This confusion got me to thinking… WE COULD MAKE A GAME OF THAT! It’s like hide-n-seek, but better 😀

We’ll start off in my igloo, and then I’ll announce a detail about a specific penguin as a hint to which igloo we’ll visit next. For example, it could be something the penguin is wearing or even just a part of their penguin name. Then, it’s up to all of you to use your EPF skills to determine which penguin has the detail I mentioned and find me in their igloo!

Make sense? Here are the meet-up details:

* When: February 24

* Time: 10:30 am PST

* Server: Hockey

* Starting Room: Megg’s Iggy

* Theme: EPF

If you have a question about this meet-up, post it in the comments below, I’ll do my best to answer them before the start time tomorrow.

And until next time, waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Will you be attending? I’ll try my best to attend, and hopefully you will be able to come also. 🙂

-Pen Penguin


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