#AskBloo – 21st March 2017

#AskBloo has finally debuted. This is a Q&A series like Thinknoodles’ Ask Think except this occurs every Monday, while Ask Think occurs once every month.



Q: What’s your favourite memory of Club Penguin, and what are you looking forward to the most about CPI?

A: My favourite memory is probably the meet-ups like Bloo Friday and Bloo Friday, and what I’m looking forward to the most is the quests!



Q: Will you be coming to CPI, and if so, what will your penguin name be?

A: I am indeed coming to Club Penguin Island and my penguin will still be called 1999bloo!



Q: What video game consoles do you own?

A: I don’t own any consoles at the moment, but I’m getting a Nintendo Switch for my 18th birthday!



Q: Has Club Penguin ever helped you conquer a fear? If so, what is that fear?

A: I didn’t have any fears to conquer!


Stan 4

Q: Are you a prankster gangster?

A: No, I’m not!


Geek Jose

Q: Where do you think you would be if you never had joined Club Penguin?

A: I would just be on my Facebook!


If you have a question to ask, please leave one in the comments here, on my #AskBloo video or use the hashtag #AskBloo on Twitter.



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