Penguin of the Week: Hollybell37

Hollybell37 has become this week’s Penguin of the Week. She’s been nominated by Rosie0228. Rosie stated that Hollybell is the sweetest penguin she’s ever meet and always stands up to mean people.

Hi, penguins!

Hollybell37 was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by, Rosie0228!

Here is their nomination:

“Hello! Today I want to nominate the sweetest penguin I’ve ever met, Hollybell37. She always stands up to someone mean and doesn’t hesitate to help a friend out. She always teaches me kindness in the hardest situations in life, she always supports me when I feel everyone lets me down she brings me up”



Congrats, Hollybell37!

Just a reminder that next week is our last Penguin of the Week for classic CP before we continue it on Club Penguin Island. Remember to leave a comment telling us who you think deserves the next PotW and why!

Waddle on 🙂

-Club Penguin Team

Congrats Hollybell!!!



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