#AskBloo – 28th March 2017



Q: How did you feel when Think and Graser split up?

A: Really disappointed!

Coco gamingart

Q: When and why did you start your YouTube channel?

A: I started my YouTube channel on the 12th November 2011. I started it because I loved Club Penguin that much, I wanted to start a channel dedicated to the game!

Captain Noodles 2

Q: Can I be featured in your Ask Bloo video?

A: Yes you can!


Q: When and what made you join Club Penguin?

A: I joined Club Penguin on the 14th June 2011. My sister showed me the game since she was playing it back then!

Zach Harland

Q: What is your favourite party, and also, do they see you rollin?

A: My favourite party is probably Operation: Blackout! And no, they don’t see me rollin!


Q: Why is Megg in Fairy World?

A: No idea! At least she’s not in Pixies Inc.


Q: Club Penguin or Club Penguin Island?

A: I love Club Penguin Island, it’s a great reboot, but I honestly prefer Club Penguin!

Little 37

Q: Why u so cool?

A: Because I am cool!


If you have a question to ask, please leave one in the comments here, on my #AskBloo video or use the hashtag #AskBloo on Twitter.



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