Top 10 Things Coming in Our 1.2 Updates

Just like during the 8th episode of Island Insider, Club Penguin Island has dropped some sneak peeks of the upcoming 1.2 updates. According to the video, there’s going to be customizable tubes, Dot’s Catalog, new levels, a map, Tangled (as in the Disney film franchise), earth month, and much more.

Hello, penguins!

As we said in our last Island Insider episode, there are SO MANY UPDATES coming this month that it’s hard to list them all out in one video or blog post. Thankfully Emily, our amazing Art Director, put together a list of the top 10 things members and free players should definitely check out in our 1.2 updates.



I don’t know about all of you, but I cannot get enough of those panda balloons… Aren’t they like THE cutest thing you’ve ever seen?! Well, besides Megg’s dog onesie collection, of course. 😛

And don’t forget to stay tuned to the blog! We’ve got a super special Easter craft to share with all of you next week. Here’s a little sneak peek…



Until next time,

Signature Image
WOOT! I’m so hyped for the update 😀

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