How-To: Tour Guide Item


Club Penguin Island has published a new post on their Island News blog. This post is about how to create a tour guide t-shirt (members-only).

Hi, everyone!

Not sure if you’ve met them all yet (I’m trying to keep up!), but we’ve got SO many newcomers joining our island community every single day! The team was hoping YOU could help out and show some new penguins around the place?

It might be fun to show them your favorite things to do and places to be. Showing around new penguins is something we can ALL do, and it’s always great to help build the community.

If you’re a member, you can even make your own tour guide t-shirt. We’ve got a video to show you how!

See! Nothing like a giant question mark on your shirt to tell people you know what you’re talking about. 🙂 It’s just how things work!

You don’t need the t-shirt to be a tour guide, though—it’s all about the right attitude. Being friendly and helpful is all it takes!

Have you been giving tours around the island? Post your tips & tricks in the comments below!

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