Groovy Tube-y


Club Penguin Island has published a new post on the Island News blog. This post shows a list of themed tubes from the game. Here’s the post:

Hi, penguin family!

You may have seen members using tubes* on the island. I was listening to the team talk about how they create these tubular transportation devices with a penguin personality in mind.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of tubes—and their matching personality types:

Funky Feather—for the chill-est of birds who want to show their colors

Cake Cruiser—for those who never want the sweet party to end

Firebreather—this communicates a larger-than-life, fiery disposition

Gravitube—for those who want to defy the odds—in style

Ugga Tube—for the ug-at-heart, a truly retro tube

Lifesaver—for heroic types who like to be fully equipped for ALL situations (like searching and rescuing squid sticks and stinky cheese)

Xpedition—for thE Penguins who Forge their own paths (in the snow, sand, and water)


ALSO… I snuck a peek over the shoulders of an artist or two and saw more tubes. There was a super-gold-shiny one, a weird and hilarious one, a vaguely familiar-looking snowflake, plus a few high-speed tube machines that looked as fast as lightning… you’ll see them in the next updates.

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