Club Penguin Island 1.4 Update Notes

Club Penguin Island has dropped some notes about the impending 1.4 update. Here are the notes Megg published:


Rookie’s ready to make Mount Blizzard history! Marble Hunt introduces a 2-player game for everyone to play! Cars 3 speeds onto the island at lightning speed!

Everyone can:
Play Marble Hunt! Hide marbles around the island for a friend, or track down marbles before time runs out!

Explore Mount Blizzard’s new Cars 3 decorations dedicated to the Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm rivalry!

Take part in Cars 3 daily challenges!

Members can:
Join Rookie in a crazy quest to win the Golden Pick award and look cool in front of Jet Pack Guy!

Burn rubber on new Cars 3 inspired tubes with sleek Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez designs!

Create winning styles with Cars 3 blueprints, fabrics and decals at the Disney Store!

Signature Image
Can’t wait for the update!

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