App Updates—How Do They Work?

Club Penguin Island has published a post about how the app updates work. Here’s the post:

Hi penguins!

We did an early release of 1.4 to a small number of random players on Monday. Since then, some of you have been asking about how updates work. I talked to the devs to find out!

Why do some players get an early release?
We do a lot of testing, but sometimes we can’t know how an update will work until thousands of players are using it. An early release lets us see how everything holds up before more players arrive.

In fact, our early release of 1.4 let us catch a bug and squash it! Thanks to the players that helped us find it before the whole community bumped into it

Why can’t I see my friends after an update?
We like to let players update their app when it’s convenient. This means some players will be using the new version and others will be on the old version. To prevent weird bugs, players on different versions won’t see each other.

If you’re not able to see your friends, you might want to check if there’s an update for you to download. Your friends can do the same.

Why am I sometimes forced to update?
Once most players have updated to the new version, we’ll make it so that everyone left will also be updated. This way, there isn’t a small number of players playing alone.

Hopefully you’re now all feeling up to date on updates! (Hahaha, nailed it!)

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