Club Penguin Rewritten Blog: Meet-Up: Stu Sunday #1

One of the Club Penguin Rewritten moderators, Stu, will be hosting a meet-up every Sunday called Stu Sunday. The meet-up debuts this Sunday the 16th July. Here are the details:

Hey Penguins,


I’ve been thinking long and hard to get the community more involved and create fun and interesting events around the island that would be created by the community, and not just events around the island. With a long night at sight, with me scratching my unibrow in hard contemplation–thoughts reached to my brain! And alas, my nickname collided with a day and that day is Sunday, what do you get? Stu Sunday!


That’s right, I created a revolutionary idea that’ll change the way of small events around the island and that’s a simple community meet-up with your favourite penguin, with a brow, Stu (aka the one creating this amazing post)! Down below are all the details you need to participate in this first event on the island, who knows, maybe you’ll see yourself in a sweet video *wink*


Sunday, July 16

• Time: 12:00pm PST

• Room: Town

• Server: Marshmallow


Stu JR and I can’t wait to see you there, make sure to invite all your friends along with you because more friends the better, am I right?


Waddle on,




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