Club Penguin Island Blog: Mod Meet-Up: July 20

SGT Sparkles, McBeaks, Amykim and more moderators will be having a Mod-Meetup on Club Penguin Island. Here are the details:


Phew, sorry about that, but I’m excited for our next Mod Meet-Up. Why? Because we are going to CONQUER the trampoline at Beacon Boardwalk!

That’s right, I’ve heard rumors of penguins reaching the cloud above and I’d love to see if some of us can make it. Let’s show that we’re not just the best community, we’re also the bounciest!

Here are the details:

Who’s visiting: SGT Sparkles, McBeaks, and Amykim. Some other team members might surprise us too!
When: July 20 at 11 AM PST
Server: Hockey (If a mod can’t get on because the server is full, they’ll visit Ice Age until they can join Hockey)
Starting zone: Beacon Boardwalk

Time for me to practice my trampoline skills. See you all soon!

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