Club Penguin Rewritten Blog: Introducing Mod Monday!

Like Club Penguin Island, the Rewritten team will be having a Mod-Meetup every week. The meet-up will occur every Monday. Here’s the post:

Hey Penguins

Today I want to announce that we are now gonna be hosting Mod Monday! Mod Monday will be hosted every Monday (of course)! On Mod Mondays, every moderator for Club Penguin Rewritten, (well almost every), will be visiting. Make sure to appreciate every staff member there because they work hard to make sure CPR is safe and family friendly!

Now you might be thinking, who are the moderators for CPR? A lot of you know me (Zeus), Lataus, or HunterCPPS, but there are many others. The best way to spot a staff member is from their mod badge. But, never ever listen to somebody who claims to be a staff member when they don’t have a mod badge.

A lot of you penguins are probably thinking, what is gonna happen to Stu Sundays? Stu is currently going on an adventure, but don’t worry, he will be back. Stu is a very busy penguin and he has message to tell you all!

“I’ll be going on an adventure for a bit. The team will be here for you if you need support, they’re amazing and they’ll be there for you.”-Stu

Thanks Stu! Again penguins, Stu will be coming back, so don’t worry. He won’t be able to post on the blog though, so I’ll be maintaining the blog for him!

Well penguins, sometime this week I’ll be uploading a post about more information about the first Mod Monday! I hope you have a great rest of your day!

Waddle on,




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