Club Penguin Island Blog: COMING SOON: Wicked Descendants 2 Fashion

Club Penguin Island has published a new blog post on Island News. The post confirms that Descendants 2 is coming to the Disney Shop at the Beacon Boardwalk. Here’s the post:

Hi penguin pals,

Great fashion is inspired by different places, and right now we’re getting it from Descendants 2! Our upcoming Descendants 2 designs are showing off Isle styles of Mal, Ben, Evie, and Uma.

Members who want to customize their own rotten-to-the-core outfits can even check out Descendants 2 patterns at the Disney Shop—there’s so much more going on than just putting a tiara on a villain. But don’t take our word for it, we’ve got a sneak peek to prove it:

For those still wanting more of Mal and her villainous friends, you’re in luck— be sure to watch the all new Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants 2, to see your favorite penguin looks come to life!

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