Club Penguin Island Blog: Club Penguin Island Coming to Blizzard Beach

Club Penguin Island is taking over Disneyworld’s Blizzard Beach this Saturday. Not only that, the 1.5 update will be having an event to coincide with Blizzard Beach. Here’s the post about it:

Hi penguin pals,

Disneyworld’s Blizzard Beach is a watery wonderland that inspired parts of Mount Blizzard. Both are full of frosty fun and speedy slides. You might have seen the names of Blizzard Beaches’ slides—Summit Plummet and Snow Stormer—around Mount Blizzard!

Now Club Penguin Island is returning the favor with some inspiration of its own! On July 29, Club Penguin Island takes over Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park with all kinds of penguin-y activities. Guests can not only check out epic waterslides but can take part in a penguin splash competition, snowball toss, coloring contest, and more! Video of the event will be featured on the blog, so keep an eye out.

To celebrate, our 1.5 update will bring more Blizzard Beach to Mount Blizzard! Lounge under snowy palm trees or chill out on a beach towel while soaking in the cool mountain air—it’s the perfect place to watch the tube racers zip by.

For more information on Club Penguin Island’s Blizzard Beach takeover, check out the Disney Parks announcement: Club Penguin Island Event Coming to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park July 29

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