Club Penguin Island: 1.5 Update Has Been Released

It’s the last full week of July 2017 and as the Club Penguin Island team promised, the 1.5 update has been released. Here’s what’s new:

Ink or Swim Mini-Game:

Members can buy Ink or Swim via the Snowmelt Shop at Mt. Blizzard.



Tilt-o-Tube Mini-Game:

Ink or Swim isn’t the only mini-game new to the update. Another new game called Tilt-o-Tube which is where members will push each other to make you fall off, similar to sumo wrestling.


Descendants 2:

Descendants 2 has arrived at the Disney Shop.




Blizzard Beach Event:

Mt. Blizzard has been decorated to coincide with the Blizzard Beach event that will occur on the 29th July at Disneyworld.


Players can get the 1.5 update via the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.



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