Club Penguin Island Blog: Mod Meet-up: August 3

The Club Penguin Island team will be having a special Mod Meet-up in regards to pirates. Here are the details:

Ahoy mateys,

The sea be calling out to me! Have ye heard it? It’s saying: “Host a Mod Meet-up on the Migrator, ya scallywag!”

Arr, now that sounds like an adventure, doesn’t it? Will ye join me, penguin pals? The pirate life be more exciting with a crew!

I’ll make it worth your while—I’ll be bringing me weight in stinky cheese to share!

Here’s where we’ll meet:

Who’s visiting: SGT Sparkles, McBeaks, and Amykim. Some other team members might surprise us too!
When: August 3 at 11:30 AM PST
Server: Hockey (If a mod can’t get on because the server is full, they’ll visit Ice Age until they can join Hockey)
Starting zone: Beacon Boardwalk—starting at the Migrator

Arrr, I can’t wait to meet with you jolly band of buccaneers!

Waddle On

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