Club Penguin Island Blog: 1.6 Update – Coming Early September!

Club Penguin Island has published notes for the upcoming 1.6 update. Unlike the previous updates coming out in the last week of the month, this update will be released in early September. Here’s the post:

COMING EARLY SEPTEMBER: New Rookie Adventures! Fossil-Four! DuckTales (Woo-oo)!

Everyone can:

  • Play the game that’s a stone age craze—Fossil Four!
  • Gain XP and make your way to Level 24!
  • Improve your skills with Tour Guide signs for gameplay tips!

Members Can:

  • Adventure with Rookie to reach Mount Blizzard’s peak—all while earning new emojis and patterns!
  • Visit the Disney Shop and grab onto some DuckTales fashion! Woo-oo!
  • Choose your style with new designs like anime hair, foodie costumes, and more!
Waddle On

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