Club Penguin Island Blog: Mod Meet-up: September 1

SGT Sparkles, McBeaks, and Amykim will be having a Mod-Meet-up on Club Penguin Island this Friday. Here are the details:

Hi penguin pals,

It’s time to celebrate this awesome community of ours. And how am I going to do that? By dressing like a tree for Mod Meet-up!

I’m not sure that makes any sense, but hey, SGT Sparkles has had his tree outfit gathering dust for too long.

Who’s visiting: SGT Sparkles, McBeaks, and Amykim. Some other team members might surprise us too!
When: September 1 at 1:30pm PST
Server: Hockey (If a mod can’t get on because the server is full, they’ll visit Ice Age until they can join Hockey)
Starting zone: Beacon Boardwalk

This is gonna be a tree-mendous event!

See you there!

Waddle On

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