Club Penguin Island 1.6 Update Has Been Released

It’s early September, which means Club Penguin Island has released the 1.6 update for the game. Players can get the update via the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Here’s what’s new:

Recent Emojis Column:

As requested by the community, there is now a recently used emojis column at the beginning.


DuckTales Clothes:

Members can now buy DuckTales clothes via the Disney Shop at the Beacon Boardwalk.




Town/Plaza & Franky’s Pizza Parlor Sneak Peek:

Many of you remember that mysterious tower in this early sneak peek of Club Penguin Island back in December 2015. We are unsure what this room could be, until now.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 19.58.21.png

If you go to the map, you’ll see the room behind the clouds. This room is rumoured to be the Town or Plaza, which might be opening in next month’s 1.7 update.


And the rumours doesn’t stop there. If you stand next to the picnic at the Beacon Boardwalk. You’ll see a pizza sign that says “Franky’s”. Which means that Franky and the Penguin Band will most likely be returning to open a Pizza Parlour.



Find Four is back with a prehistoric theme and a new name “Fossil-Four”. Members can buy the game via the Snowmelt Shop at Mt. Blizzard.



This is what the game looks like when you’re playing.


Those are all the updates for this month. The next update should be out early next month.



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